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-----Elites of Chengdu wonderful places 3 days tour

Elites of Chengdu wonderful places 3 days tour
Tour Code:SCNO-105

Travel Route


Day01 Arrival in Chengdu
Chengdu, a city full of leisure, is a wonderful place to taste the famous Sichuan cuisine, and also it is the home town of the cute pandas. So traveling here is quite different from any other cities in China. Today you will arrive in Chengdu. Our local guide will greet you at the airport and then escort you to the hotel with the private transfer. On the way to the hotel, the guide will give you some brief introduction to the city. After checking into the hotel, you can choose to have a rest at the hotel and then go out to explore the city at your own pace.

Day02 Chengdu
Today's schedule is to visit Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Broad and Narrow Alleys and then Jinsha Site Museum.in the morning,That's because every morning at about 8:00 to 09:00, the breeders will begin to feed the pandas. At that time all the pandas will come out for the breakfast. It is the very good chance for you to see more pandas, take pictures of them and also observe their own distinctive manners of eating bamboos. You will definitely be impressed. No matter whether you liked pandas or not before, from now on you will fall in love with them. There are many pandas in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. They are divided into different areas, so maybe two hours or more are needed for you to finish the visit. Then we will go back to visit the Qing Dynasty Broad and Narrow Alleys, a miniature of this ancient city in the past and a symbol in the depths of memory. With the unique architecture of the local people's residential houses, the courtyard tea houses and restaurants, all kinds of exquisite shops, and street food vendors who sell the most famous Chengdu specialties, you will be enchanted and feel completely relaxed while wandering. Sometimes there are also art exhibitions here for travelers to appreciate.
Afterwards, we will head to visit Jinsha Site Museum. It is an archaeological site museum built on the original ruins, and also it is the site of cultural relics of ancient Shu Kingdom, during the Shang and Zhou periods (17th century BC - 256 BC). The most precious finds in this museum were the "Sun Bird", a piece of round gold decoration with a sun at its center and four flying birds around it, and the "Gold Mask". Besides, a 4-D film named "Dream back to Jinsha" is also worth watching. Our guide will make an arrangement for you.

Day03 Departure from Chengdu
Today we will take you to visit the People's Park (Renmin Park), a good place to experience the leisure life of the locals. Many people get together to have fun here. You will see a lot of activities going on at the same time, people playing Taichi, groups of dancing, singing, playing Mahjong, painting calligraphy with large brushes and water, sipping in a peaceful tea house by the lake. There is even a corner where middle-aged parents search for marriage partners for their daughters and sons by displaying their detailed information. It is very interesting and is a part of modern Chinese culture. Afterwards, our guide and driver will escort you to Chengdu airport to take your flight. We wish you a pleasant onward journey!