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Beijing-Chengde-Bashang Grassland Photo 7 days Tour

Beijing-Chengde-Bashang Grassland Photo 7 days Tour

Tour Code:CNNO-58
Travel Route
Beijing- chengde-Bashang


Day 1: Arrival in Beijing
Arrive at Beijing, our guide will meet you at the airport and transfer you to Chengde, Hebei directly. On the way to Chengde, we can photograph at the Jinshanling Great Wall. It is one of the favorite shooting spots of the magnificent sunset.

Day 2: Jingshanling-Chengde Photo Tour
On this day, We will get up early in the morning to take the sunrise photo shoot on the magnificent Jinshanling Great Wall. After that, we will continue our driving to reach Chengde, one of the premier historic and cultural cities of China. After lunch, we will photograph at Chengde Summer Resort. It is the largest imperial garden and the second political center of the Qing Dynasty. The construction of Imperial Summer Resort was started in 1703. After 89 years, until the year 1792, its 124 groups of constructions had been finished. It is twice as big as the Summer Palace in Beijing.

Day 3: Puning Temple and Mt. Bang Chui Photo Tour
Today will shoot the Punning Temple, also called Big Buddha Temple. It is one of the famous "Eight Outer Temples" in Chengde. The temple was built to commemorate Emperor Qianlong's victory over the Mongolian rebellion. The front of the temple was built in traditional Chinese style, but the temple complex features both Han and Tibetan style buildings. The temple has drum and bell towers, numerous pavilions and halls. After lunch, we will go to Qingchui Peak National Forest Park to photograph the Mt. Bang Chui (which means it is something like a rock hammer). It looks like a thumb raising up, which can be seen all over Chengde city if you raise your eyes up looking upon the sky.

Day 4: Mulan Hunting Paddock Photo Tour
This morning we will depart to a popular destination-Mulan Hunting Paddock. It is located in Weichang Manchu and Mongolian Autonomous County of Chengde City, Heibei Province. It consists of mainly 3 sections: the Saihanba National Forest Park, the Yudaokou Grassland and Forest Scenic Zone, and the Hongsongwa National Nature Reserve. Mulan Hunting Paddock enjoys really gorgeous scenery. With vast forest and a wide expanse of grassland, it owns herds of cows and flocks of sheep haunting and grazing.

Day 5: Ulan Buh Grassland and Red Hill Horse Farm Photo Tour
This morning we will drive to the Ulan Buh Grassland. You will be surprised at the fairytale-like display of birch trees. Forests combine with the distinctive features of a grassland: a broad meadow creates a wandering mood, hundreds of types of flowers in meadow seem like a European painting come to life, and the iconic birches look as if straight out of a storybook. Then we will go to Red Hill horse farm which located in the core area of the Ulan Buh ancient battlefield systems.

Day 6: Bashang Grassland Photo Tour
The Bashang Grassland in Fengning is 240 kilometers to the north of Beijing. Its whole area is 350square kilometers with the average altitude of 1487 meters. It is quite cool in summer. It has a smooth terrain, wide grassland, lots of cow and sheep or goats, so it is a very beautiful and attracting place. On the way you will see the White Clouds Ancient Caves, Nine-dragon Pine and other attractions. It is really an ideal place for visitors to spend their holidays. On the extensive grassland, there are clear lake and blue sky, lots of fragrant flowers blossoming, sturdy steeds galloping on the grasslands, Mongolian boxes scattering on the wide grassland and near the brook, the charming sun-rising and sun-falling on the grassland.

Day 7: Departure
This morning you will back to Beijing and transfer to the airport for your next destination.