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Zhangjiajie and Phenix Ancient City 5 Days tour

Zhangjiajie and Phenix Ancient City 5 Days tour

Tour Code:CQNO-17
Travel Route


Day1: Zhangjiajie Arrival
When you arrival at Zhangjiajie, the guide will pick you up and transfer you to your hotel with private vehicle and guide.

Day2: Zhangjiajie
Take a full day trip to visit Mengdong River, Hibiscus Town. Enjoy Mengdong River Rafting. Have a taste of local flavor tofu snacks meters. Stay overnight in Fenghuang(Phoenix) City. Fenghuang(phenix) Ancient TownFenghuang Ancient City is located at the western border of Hunan Province and near the beautiful Tuo River. It covers an area of 1700 km with a population of 370,000, there are several minority ethnic groups, such as Miaos, tujias. It named after the holy bird in ancient times. It is a quiet ancient city vibrant with numberless legends. There remain 20 ancient streets, dozens of ancient lanes and passages and over 200 ancient civil residences. Besides, it was called the most beautiful ancient city in China by the famous writer Louis in New Zealand. You should come here and savor the charms and mystery of Fenghuang Ancient City. Eight-Scene Cave, Small Dragon Cave, and natural cliff side murals, Golden-Star Gorge, Fairy Gorge, Line of Sky, Jumping Monkey, Yuanyang Gorge and Laojun Gorge are the main scenic spots here. Hibiscus TownHibiscus Town is located in south of Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province. The town used to be named Wangcun until a famous movie entitled Furong Town was filmed there.

Day3: Zhangjiejie Forest Park
Take a full day trip to Shen Congwen's former residence, Xiong Xiling's former residence, Yang ancestral halls, Hongqiao Arts House, Thousand towers, ancient buildings, Tuojiang River Tiber, Diaojiaolou. And then Drive to Forest Park. Stay overnight there.Shen Congwen former residenceShen Congwen is a famous litterateur and educator in Chinese history. He spent his childhood in the now called Shen Congwen's former residence until he was 15. Located in the South China Camp Street, it is a typical South Sihe ancient home with special tectonic style of Ming and Qing Dynasties. The courtyard of the brick-wood structure around the historic houses and estates are three rooms. Displaying the calligraphy work, manuscript and the portrait of Shen Congwen, the place has become one of the most popular cultural landscapes of Phoenix Town.Tujia DiaojiaolouTujia people's Diaojiaolou has its own ethnic characteristic.In this way the building can avoid the miasma, poisonous vegetation and venomous snakes. So you can see our ancestors’ great wisdom. Besides, Tujia people are used to show others a appearance of crouching tigers by constructing their houses over the water and close to the mountains. There is no doubt that Tujia people's Diaojiaolou is full of wisdom, grace and art, harmonizing with the surrounding natural environment. It is the best choice for you to savor the cultures of Tujia people.

Day4: Zhangjiajie
Take a full day trip to Huangshi Village, Zhangjiajie Forest Park, Six Qi Ge , Chaihsing Taiwan, stroll along the Grand Canyon Physiognomy, Trinidad one, Shikonin Lake, Shu Huan weight. Stay over night in landscape.Zhangjiajie National Forest ParkZhangjiajie National Forest Park was set up in 1928, located in the northwest of Wulingyuan. Its forest coverage is extremely large, about 97% of the total 11880 acres. Beauty, primitively and quietness rolled into one, this park is the labyrinth of nature and origin edition of Chinese painting. There are 720 species of the 102 plant families and more than 149 kinds of chordate animals lived in the park. It is the most proper place for you to watch the rare and precious plants and animals.

Day5: Zhangjiajie
Take a full day trip to Fenglin King, Tianzi Mountain, West Sea, He Long Park colored flowers, Royal stroke, Geology. You can enjoy the urban free shopping. end the tour.