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-----Chengdu-Xichang - Lugu lake 5 days tour

Chengdu-Xichang - Lugu lake 5 days tour
Tour Code:SCN-O29

Travel Route
chengdu - Xichang -Luguhu -Chengdu

The tour itinerary:
1-day: Chengdu-Xicang
Gather at the entrance of gate of northern train station in the evening, by the night train to Xicang, know each other on the train. Overnight on the train.

2-day:Xicang- Luguhu
Arrive ain Xicang in the morning, the guide will receive you at the station. Head to the miracle matriarchal empire –Luguhu after breakfast by bus. On the way you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Liangshan. After arriving at Luguhu, learn to sing Mosuo folk songs on the bank of Luguhu, enjoy the ethnic culture. At supper enjoy Mosuo specialties, and you can also attend the bonfire party at your own expense, follow the Mosuo people to sing Luguhu love songs and dance. Enjoy the night scene of Luguhu, listening to the voice of the nature. Overnight at folk Mosuo residence.
Including breakfast, lunch , supper . overnight at folk Musuo residence.

3-day: From Luguhu of Sichuan to Luguhu of Yunnan
Enjoy scenery of lake and mountain in the early morning, look afar at Gemu Goddess Mountain. By the pig through boat on Luguhu, enjoy the beautiful scenery. Free time in the afternoon. You can wonder to the ten thousands’ grass sea to watch the birds, then step on the lovers’ bridge. overnight at the local Mosuo residence.

4-day: Luguhu- Chengdu
Head to Xicang after breakfast, on the way you can enjoy the scenery on the sides. Arrive in Xicang in the afternoon, then by the night train back to Chengdu.
Including breakfast, lunch, supper overnight on the train.

5-day: Chengdu
Arrive in Chengdu in the morning. Say goodbye to each other, the tour ends.