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-----Sichuan Siguniang Mountain & Danba Ganzi Tibetan Prefecture 7 days tour

Sichuan Siguniang Mountain & Danba Ganzi Tibetan Prefecture 7 days tour
Tour Code:SCNO-40

Travel Route
chengdu - Ya'an -Rilong -Danba- Kangding-Chengdu

Day-1 Chengdu-Baoxing
After breakfast, Depart from Chengdu for Baoxing.On the way, you'll stop to visit Bifengxia Giant Panda Center. Located deep in the mountains the Bifengxia Panda Base is the perfect panda habitat and China's iconic black and white bears are very active in the area. You'll see them lolling around and munching bamboo in a simulated environment which is as close to their natural environment as it gets. It is also exceptionally beautiful and there are lush green forests, waterfalls and soaring gorges to explore.vernight in Baoxing.

Day-2 Baoxing-Siguniang Shan (Rilong)
After breakfast,drive to rilong.In the afternoon you'll visit Shuangqiao Valley (Two-Bridge Valley). The most accessible valley in the Siguniang Shan or "Four Maiden's Mountain" area, Shuangqiao Valley is notable for its extensive Alpine grasslands and meadows, interesting rock formations and views of Four Maiden's snowy peaks. A wooden plank path makes for pleasant walking as you explore the length of the valley and take in the surrounding sights and scenery. Overnight in the rilong

Day34 Siguniang Shan: Haizi Valley & Changping Valley
In the morning you'll visit Haizi Valley. Renowned for its 10 crystal-clear lakes formed by glacial movements thousands of years ago, Haizi Valley is a rugged and challenging hike but the scenery is rewarding. Reach heights of 4,200 m and discover the picturesque surroundings reflected in the tranquil Alpine lakes where prehistoric fish still lurk.In the afternoon, head to Changping Valley. Home to a large Tibetan population and a gorgeous waterfall, explore the the valley floor via wooden walkways that pass between its gently sloping and heavily forested sides.Overnight in the rilong

Day-4 Siguninag Shan-Danba
8:00 a.m. This morning you will go to Danba, where the mountains soar up to 3,000 m,above sea level over pleasant little river valleys with sturdy painted wooden Tibetan homes perched upon the cliffs.Visit the beautiful Tibetan villages of Zhonglu, a quaint mountain town filled with traditional architecture. Later pass by Jiaju and Suopo, a small mountain community where squat stone buildings and ancient stone watchtowers dot the landscape.Overnight in Danba

Day-5 Danba: Jiaju & Suopo Villages
Today you will visit the "Valley of Beauties"—a moniker that apparently makes reference to the Tibetan ladies but is equally applicable to the scenery.Explore the fortress-like houses of Jiaju Tibetan village, white turrets topping off the squat, square buildings. You'll also discover the fantastical watchtowers of the Qiang minority inSuopo (or Sopo). The Qiang have lived for centuries in such stockades, the towers by their homesteads originally serving as storage silos and defensive lookouts that helped guard against ill-intentioned outsiders, especially marauding Gyarong Tibetans. Others were designed with different purposes in mind: some stand alone along the hills, placed in areas of strategic importance or on hilltops as fire beacons. Overnight in Danba.

Day-6 Danba-Kangding: Tagong Temple and Yala mount
In the morning you will travel from Danba to Kangding.Pass through the vast expanse of the Tagong Grasslands, green meadows surrounded by snow-capped peaks and dotted with Tibetan herdsmen and tents, where the average altitude is 3,500 m.Here you will stop and visit the Tagong Temple. the Tagong Temple is one of the most famous in Ganzi, due to the Sakyamuni Buddha figure housed there since the late 7th century. According to legend, the statue was part of the young Tang Princess Wengcheng's dowry but she left the figure after it fell out of her baggage and whispered that it would like to stay in Tagong. Overnight in Kangding.

Day-7 Kangding-Chengdu: Mugecuo Lake
This morning you'll head back Chengdu, visiting Mugecuo Lake on the way.
Also know as "Wild Man Sea," this is the largest mountain lake in northwestern Sichuan, 2,000 m above sea level. 5 km long, 1.5 km wide, it covers an area of 3.2 sq km (1.24 sq mi), and sinks to 70 m at its deepest parts. The surrounding mountains with their thick poplar and redwood forests, playful Tibetan antelopes and wild deer make for a beautiful backdrop.Back to chengdu,.end the tour.