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-----Trekking from Muli to Yading Nature Reserve park 11 days tour

Trekking from Muli to Yading Nature Reserve park 11 days tour
Tour Code:SCNO-59

Travel Route
chengdu -xichang-daocheng- kangding- chengdu

Day01 Air Chengdu – Xichang
Arrival in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, the home town of Panda. Picked up by the local guide at airport and take connection flight to Xichang, the city of satellite. Transfer to hotel. overnight in xichang

Day02 Xichang – Muli – Changhai Lake – Grand Muli Monastery
After breakfast drive via Yanyuan and Muli to Changhai (Long Lake). The barrier lake surrounded with natural pasture is due to volcanism. In June and July, this place is covered by flowers. Walk northward for 2 kilometers, the three peaks of Xianuoduoji (5958 m), Yangmaiyong (5958 m)and Xiannairi(6032 m)appear in front of you. The Kangwu Monastery nearby Changhai is the third one of the three big monasteries of Muli. The large pictures taken by Rock preserved in this temple are worth a look. The three monasteries of Muli built in the 17th century were praised as “real jewel box” by Rock. Among them, “the Muli Grand Monastery is composed of 340 rooms and halls; there are 700 monks in the temple. The secondly important monastery is Waerzhai 18 kilometers to the north of Muli with 270 monks. The third monastery is Kangwu 25 kilometers to the southeast of Muli with 300 monks. Muli King with his government lived one year in turn in the three monasteries.” Afterwards go to Muli Grand Monastery. The original Muli Grand Monastery had been completely destroyed. overnight at the guesthouse

Day03 Muli Grand Monastery – Dulu
Today we will drive 150 kilometers. Pass by the old Muli County; drive up along the Litang River; Cross Longsha Pasture (4,090 m); enter the Xolo valley and reach Daluodou village. The sand of the Xolo River contains gold, and the famous gold mine is just located by the river. The remains of the block tower on the hill are left by Mutiangwang (Heave King Mu) of Naxi minority, who arranged his men to come over here for gold. Take a break at a high school of Dongla village on the hill. Dozens piles of giant mani stones at the entrance of the village are impressive. Reach Dulu village (2700 m)and do some preparation for the trekking such as hiring horses. overnight at guesthouse

Day04 Dulu – Baishuihe (White-Water River) – Mancuo
Starting trekking from Dulu. After 3 hours’ trekking, enter Baishuihe Scenic Spot. Trek up along the White-Water River; cross through the dense wild forest; pass by streams, waterfalls on the way and reach Mancuo (3,800 m). Set up camp on the plain land of the valley. Here the Mt. Xianuoduoji can be viewed. (trek 18 kilometer in 8 hours). overnight in the tent

Day05 Mancuo – Zangbie pasture – Wakezhe pasture
Located in the south of the Mt. Xianuoduoji, the two pastures of Zangbie and Wakezhe are just separated in a half an hour’s distance. At this site, the appearances of Yangbmaiyong and Xiannairi clearly reveal. Looking westward, the holy peak Zhabala (5,328 m) is within the reach of your view. Today’s trekking is somewhat easy for adjustment. Set up camp at Kewazhe pasture (4,200 m). (trekking 12 kilometers in 5.5 hours). overnight in the tent

Day06 Wakezhe – Quliuacuozhuomu BLDTrek along the path between the peaks of Xianuoduoji and Yangbmaiyong (both 5,958 m). The lakes, streams and pastures create primitively beautiful landscape. In June and July, azaleas blossom all over the mountain, which turns into yellow in autumn and red in December. Cross the Zhabala pass (4,800 m) and view the spectacular scenery. On the way enjoy the thousand years old glacier and the flying waterfalls. Pass by Xinguo pasture and reach the foot of Quliuacuozhuomu Peak. Set up camp on the grassland (4,000 m). (trek 16 kilometers in 7 hours).

Day07 Quliuacuozhuomu – Shehu
On the way we can see the black lake in a distance, just like a black jade set settled in the mountains. Pass by “natural Buddha stupa”, “butterfly-shaped giant stone” and “thousands volumes of Tibetan scriptures”; reach Pearl Lake, on both sides of which Yangbmaiyong (5958 m)and Xiannairi(6032 m)echo each other at a distance. Get across another mountain pass and come to the beautiful highland lake – Shehu (4,200m). Set up camp by the lake. (trek 15 kilometers in 6 hours).

Day08 Shehu – Lourong pasture – Chonggusi – Zuomalacuo - Xiannairi – Chonggusi
Cross the pass where prayer flags are waving in the wind and reach Five-color Lake (4,800 m). The Milk Lake at the foot of the mountain is just as white as milk, owing to the white stones in the bottom of the lake. The lake reflects the Yangbmaiyong and Xiannairi peaks. Both the two lakes are located in the south slope of the Xiannairi Peak. After the Milk Lake and the Luorong pasture (4,100 m) the Yading Natural Preserve appears in front of us. On this vast valley alluvium, yaks and horses enjoy eating their grass. The red firs and poplar on the hill are extremely beautiful thanks to their bright colors. In June 1928 Rock took a picture of the majestic appearance of Yangbmaiyong and highly praised, “In the whole world, you can’t find such wonderful scenery for photographers and explorers.” And then walk to Chonggusi (3,880 m); after that visit walk another one kilometer to worship the holy lake Zuomalacuo (3,900 m) and Xiannairi Peak. overnight at guesthouse

Day09 Chonggusi – Longtongba – Litang
In the morning walking 3 kilometers to Longtongba (3,750 m), where get picked up and drive to Litang. On the way visit of Bangpu Monastery, which was built by Dusum Khyenpa, the founder of the White Sect and the First Karmapa. Pangpu means “a square by the riverside” in Tibetan. In the temple, you can admire the footprints left on the rocks by Dusum Khyenpa, as well as his paintings painted with nose blood on the cliff. In the late afternoon arrival in the “world highland city" Litang (4014 m) which is the homeland of the 7th Dalai Lama. overnight in litang

Day10 Litang – Xinduqiao – Kangding
In the morning visit of Changqingchunke'er Monastery (also admits as Litang monastery) in the western suburb. The Litang Monastery, developed by the 3.th Dalai Lama in the year 1580, has become today the largest monastery of the Gelukpa Sect in south Kham. Then leave Litang for Kangding. Pass by Yajiang County, Xingduqiao Town, and across the 4298 m high beautiful Zheduo Mountain to Kangding, the capital of Ganzi Zang (Tibetan) Autonomous Prefecture and an important juncture of Tibetan and Han People in history.overnight in kangding

Day11 Kangding – Yaan – Chengdu
Drive to Luding and crossing of the 4.1 km long tunnel of Mt. Erlang Shan to Yaan, the famous Rainy City. Visit of Shangli ancient town and of the Panda preserve in Bifengxia near Yaan. Drive along Chengdu-Yaan Express Way back to Chengdu. On the way enjoy the rural scenery in western Sichuan Plain. Late in the afternoon reach Chengdu. End the tour.