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-----Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong and Sertar Larung Gar Monastery Buddhist Academy 7 days Tour

Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong and Sertar Larung Gar Monastery Buddhist Academy 7 days Tour
Tour Code:SCNO-89

Travel Route
chengdu-Jiuzhaigou-Songpan- Barkam- Serthar- Chengdu


Day 1: Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou
Get up early in the morning, meet your guide and driver at the hotel lobby. Then transfer to your first attraction C Dujiangyan Irrigation System, sightseeing at Yuzui, Feishayan and Baopingkou. After about 4 hours driving, you will arrive Gan Hai Zi. You can get off the bus and enjoy the beautiful sightseeing. Overnight near Jiuzhaigou Nationla Park.
Dujiangyan Irrigation system is a miracle of ancient Chinese ingenuity. Before the completion of Dujiangyan, the plains around the Min River were prone to floods due to the fast moving Min River flowing down from its mountain source and meeting flat ground. It was in the Warring States period about 2200 years ago, that the engineer Li Bing and his son led the construction of the Dujiangyan irrigation system that tamed the Min River and irrigated the surrounding plains.Ganhaizi Wet land was located beside the road from Songpan to Jiuzhaigou, it was a massive lake changing into rivers and series of ponds during the crustal movment. With the snow mountains behind, Ganhaizi wetland is very beautiful.

Day 2: sightseeing in Jiuzhaigou
Meet your guide in the hotel lobby, and then go to the park entrance. Get into Jiuzhaigou Park, take a non-pollution bus to the Shuzheng Valley, visit Shuzheng Valley in the morning then take lunch at Nuorilang Tourist Center, visit Zechawa Valley in the afternoon, get back to hotel before dinner and take a good rest after a whole day visitng. Overnight near Jiuzhaigou Nationla Park.Shuzheng Vally include sites: He Ye Village, Bonsai Shoal, Reed Lake, Jia Wu sacred mountain, Sparkling Lake, Lying dragon Lake, Shuzheng Lakes, Shuzheng Village, Shuzheng waterfall, Tiger Lake, Rhinoceros Lake, Nuorilang Waterfall.

Day 3: visit to Huanglong, drive to Songpan
Drive to Huanglong National Park in the early morning, about 5km waking up to the highest point of the park, you will be astonished by the geography wonder - pure blue pools scattered on the yellow stone beach. Overnight at Ruo Er Gai.
Due to thousands of years of geological evolution, Huanglong consists of numerous unique landscapes of geological landforms. Glacial revolution, terrane structure, stratum of carbonic acid rock, tufa water and climatic conditions such as artic-alpine sun light have created this world-famous travertine landscape.overnight in songpan.

Day 4:Songpan-Malcolm-Guanyinqiao
In the morning,pick up you in hotel. Drive to Maerkang city. Visit Tusi Guanzhai Village and check in hotel in Maerkang. Maerkang is the center city in Aba Tibetan area. You can find very special suveniours and interesting Tibetan stuff in this city.overnight in guanyinqiao.

Day 5: Drive from Maerkang to Seda county (280KM, 5 hours)
Drive west of Maerkang, you will enjoy the highland grassland and snow peaks along the way. Arrive in Seda county at late afternoon, get use to sick air.Serthar, 'Seda' in Chinese, also called Sertar,Serta...is a Tibetan pasturing area located in the northeast part of Ganzi Tibet Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan, featured with grassland, lakes, rivers and Tibetan atmosphere in the plateau above 4000m in elevation. Serthar means 'Golden Horse' in Tibetan.

Day 6: from Seda drive back to Maerkang
Leave your hotel and drive 20 km to the heart of Seda Buddism School, spend your time visit the locals and monasteries in this place. Climb up a hill to get a whole view of this area.afternoon,Drive back to Maerkang, taking pictures alone the road.Rest in the hotel.overnight in Barkam.overnight in guanyinqiao.

Day 7:. Drive back to Chengdu (400KM, 6 hours)
Drive all the way back to Chengdu.End the tour.