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-----Yunnan spring Photo Travel To Kunming- Luoping -Puzhehei village 8 days tour

Yunnan spring Photo Travel To Kunming- Luoping -Puzhehei village 8 days tour
Tour Code:YNNO-08

Travel Route
Kunming -Luoping-Puzhehei-Kunming

Day 01 Arrival in Kunming
Upon your arrival in Kunming, our tour guide will pick you up at the airport and transfer to your hotel. Bamboo Monastery: A Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.) Buddhist temple known for its 500 colored clay statues of Arhats. The quiet and tastefully laid out temple is surrounded by verdant woods and green bamboos affording crisp and cool air. The present Bamboo temple was rebuilt in the Guangxu Era.overnight in kunming

Day 02 Kunming - Luoping
After breakfast, drive 224km from Kunming to Luoping, on the way, visit the Stone Forest (78km from Kunming). You will find much wonderful photography opportunity in the Stone Forest.Stone Forest, Located 120 kilometers southeast of Kunming, the Stone Forest is a typical karst formation covering an area of more than 350 square kilometers. In 2007, it is listed as World Natural Heritage. Walking inside the forest, you will find a wonderland consists of innumerable huge rocks of fantastic shapes.overnight in Luoping

Day 03 Luoping - Jiulong
Get up early and go to the top of Golden Cock Hills, shoot the fields of rapeseed flowers (also known as canola), when the flowers are in full bloom in February, the whole area surrounding the mountains looks like a sea of yellow flowers. Move to Niujie Town and create more wonderful photos. In the afternoon, visit Nine Dragon Waterfalls -- a 10-tier waterfalls cascade on the 2-kilometer long section of the Juilong River 20 km northeast of Luoping. They are quite nice and nature all around is simply beautiful, besides, there were only a few tourists.overnight in Luoping

Day 04 Luoping - Puzhehei
Tour to the Lubuge Gorge and the picturesque Duoyi River with waterfalls, visit villages of Ethnic Buyi People. There's so much here for every kind of shooter: the bamboo rafts on the river, bamboo groves, waterfalls, trees, houses of minority groups, and waterwheels. After lunch, drive to Puzhehei Scenic Region of Qiubei County in Wenshan Prefecture.overnight in Puzhehei

Day 05 Puzhehei Sightseeing
After breakfast, take a boat cruise trip to Xianshui Lake, Qingren Lake, Huoba Cave, Yueliang Cave, and then climb the Mt. Blue Dragon Mountain see the whole view of Puzhehei. Then visit the Xianren Cave and village of Yi ethnic group. Yi People lives in a type of house of wood timbers battlement, The fire of fireplace (a hollow dug on the ground) is never put off a year around in their houses. It is the living center of the family so called "Fireplace Culture".Yi's nature is so forthright, good at drinking, singing and dancing.overnight in Puzhehei

Day 06 Puzhehei - Bamei
Tour to Bamei Village in Guang'nan County which is reputed as "Xanadu" or "Arcadia" and it only can be reached by boat, take a boat to cruise into the village through a huge Karst cave, shoot the picturesque scenery and experience the peaceful life of ethnic people. Puzhehei covers an area of 85 square km, is a scenic area with almost 300 green isolated karst peaks, dozens of caves, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Girls of the Zhuang ethnic group dressed in folk costumes which are adorned with jingling silver ornaments and embroidery, row little wooden boats and send visitors along the winding 21-km water corridor through Luoshuidong Lake, Puzhehei Lake and Xianren Lake. Around the area, visitors could find villages of ethnic Zhuang, Miao, Yi and Bai ethnic groups.overnight in Puzhehei

Day 07 Puzhehei - Luliang - Kunming
Drive to Luliang, shoot the Colorful Sand Forest. Return to Kunming.Colorful Sand Forest covers an area of about 6 kilometers. The main tinges here are yellow, white, red and gray. The Colorful Sand Forest came into being about 340 million years ago. It was a physiognomic wonder resulting from the gradual influence of the impacts of earthquakes, the ejection of the magma, the movement of the earth¡¯s crust, and the erosion of the wind and rain. It is also a whole consisting of all kinds of sand posts, sand peaks and sand screens.overnight in kunming

Day 08 Kunming - Yuanmou - Kunming
Drive to Yuanmou, shoot the Earth Forest. Return to Kunming.Earth Forest, The earth of Yuanmou Earth Forest is actually rock, a kind of sand rock mixed with clay. It has yellow color and loose texture. The rocks are seriously weathered thus their surface looks very much like earth. The yellow rocks gleam under the sunlight as if they are built with gold. Larger ones are like castle while smaller ones are like pylon, in various shapes.overnight in kunming
End the tour.