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-----Chinese Culture Beijing-Xi’an-Shanghai-Suzhou Garden 9 days Tour

Chinese Culture Beijing-Xi’an-Shanghai-Suzhou Garden 9 days Tour
Tour Code:CNNO-10

Travel Route

Day 1 Arrive in Beijing
We’ll pick you up at the airport and escort you to the hotel. The cozy hotel would wipe out your travel fatigue and help with preparation for the upcoming thrilling days in Beijing. Besides, it’s pretty nice to take a sip of the time-honored Beijing city around the hotel.

Day 2 Beijing,Sightseeing
Today your eyes will be amazed by the grandeur and delicacy that make up a multi-faceted Beijing.We arrange two great spots for you to savor the magnificent profile of Beijing, Tian’anmen Square and the Forbidden City. You’ll marvel at the largest square in the world and all the stunning buildings the moment it bumps into your vision. About 1.5 hours later it’s time for another miracle, the Forbidden City. Next let’s turn to an adorable delicate Beijing lifestyle through Hutong Tour in Xicheng District. There you’ll find those sophisticated traditional quadrangles, the favorite snacks of Beijing kids(like sugared plums), various artifacts and strolling local guys.

Day 3 Beijing, Sightseeing
Temple of Heaven, which tops your playbill today, will get you close to what the Beijing guys and even Chinese people worship. The stunning Temple of Heaven best demonstrates Oriental architectural aesthetics and the deeply rooted awe of Heaven in ancient Chinese, from the emperor to the masses. Mutianyu Great Wall, with its peculiar three in-a-row watchtowers, displays the essential of the Great Wall as a strong fortification. On the way back you’ll be passing the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube. The state-of-the-art buildings has received huge applause since 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Day 4 Beijing-Xi’an
We’ll show you around the exquisite royal garden, Summer Palacewhose grandeur is beyond all the other gardens throughout China. After a tasty lunch, you’ll say goodbye to Beijing on the flight for Xi’an, the king among four historic capital cities in China. You may as well have a fancy about the ancient city during 1.5 hours on plane and then we’ll pick you up at the airport and send you to the hotel. We’re sure that your first night in Xi’an strolling around your hotel and having local food will be as pleasant as that in Beijing.

Day 5 Xi’an, Sightseeing
Every visitor comes to Xi’an for the eighth wonders in the world, Terracotta Warriors. For sure the powerful military of the first dynasty in China must have these stunning warriors as spokesmen. There you’ll have about 2.5 hours to marvel at these vivid statues. We furthermore arrange another fantastic spot for you to appreciate the shine of the oldest capital city, Old City Wall.

Day 6 Xi’an-Shanghai
Here we give you Shaanxi Historical Museum. The antique-rich museum is nothing short of a vast union of all the elements that helped establish glorious ancient civilization of China.After fully taking glamour of Xi'an into your mind, you're going to leave for another destination Shanghai on flight. The moment you arrive in Shanghai, you’ll be greeted by our airport pickup fellows and transferred to the hotel to have a good rest.

Day 7 Shanghai , Sightseeing
In Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center you’ll find out the changes in city layout of the international metropolis from a shabby fishing village. In the world-famous Nanjing Road and the Bund you’ll have the prosperous Oriental Paris in your arms. Nanjing Road will thrill you even if you’re just fresh from New York 5th Avenue. Later walking along the Bund and watching the elegant New Classic buildings around you’ll feel great with a lovely romantic mood around.

Day 8 Shanghai-Suzhou
About 0.5 hour by high-speed rail, the bustle and rustle of Shanghai metropolis will be away from you and the refined Jiangnan water town Suzhou comes to smooth you.All the spots we arrange are about delicacy of Suzhou. Master of the Nets Garden shows you sophisticated know-how of creating illusion of bigger space than actual size while Suzhou Bird and Flower Market exhibits the must-have decoration in commonplace local family, adorable birds and dainty flowers.
Even the canal in Suzhou is called Small Canal. Boating along the canal is definitely big fun. You’ll lose yourself in various shapes of bridges and the old town shaded by willows.

Day 9 Suzhou-Shanghai
Visit to Tongli Water Town, the terminal of the tour, won’t leave you any regret before you leave China. The 1000-year-old town impresses you with its refined black-and-white blocks of folk houses, web of rivers and undisturbed local custom. Even on the flight leaving China, you can’t remove the permanent elegance of Tongli from your mind.back to shanghai, to your houtel, emd the tour.