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Travel of the Eastern Buddhism Mt.Wutai-Leshan Buddha-Mt.Emei-Mt. Jiuhua-Mt.Putuo 13 days tour

Travel of the Eastern Buddhism Mt.Wutai-Leshan Buddha-Mt.Emei-Mt. Jiuhua-Mt.Putuo 13 days tour

Tour Code:CNNO-43
Travel Route


Day1, Beijing
Board an international flight bound for China. Cross the International Date Line.Arrive in Beijing, the capital of China. Our guide will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the luxury hotel for rest and relaxation.

Day2,Beijing - Datong
After breakfast, fly to Datong, Shanxi Province. Tour Yungang Grottoes. Over 50,000 figures are contained in the 21 major and 32 smaller caves. You will also tour the Nine Dragon Screen, a 50-yard long Ming Dynasty mosaic of glazed tiles.

Day3,Datong - Mt. Wutaishan
Hanging Monastery. It was originally built more than 1400 years ago. There are 40 halls and pavilions in all. They were built along the contours of the cliffs using the natural hollows and out crops for support. The buildings rest on timbers jutting out from the cliff, their weight further supported by vertical beams. And then you will tour the Wooden Pagoda of Yingxian County, the oldest and largest pagoda of China. Upon arrival Mt. Wutaishan, you will visit Foguang Temple and Nanchan Temple. Dinner tasting vegetarian cuisine.

Day4,Mt. Wutaishan
Mt. Wutaishan is one of the sacred Buddhist mountains of China. It is actually a cluster of five peaks of which the northern peak, Yemenfeng, is just over 3000 meters high and is known as the roof of northern China. Today you will have full-day tour at Mt. Wutaishan. Visit to Pusading Temple, Xiantong Temple, Shuxiang Temple, Luohou Temple, Tayuan Temple, etc.

Day5,Mt. Wutaishan - Taiyuan - Chengdu
Drive to Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province. You will tour Twin-Pagoda Temple, built in the Ming Dynasty. Ascend the pagoda, you may have a bird-eyed view of the city. Also you will visit Congshan Temple. Fly to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Temple.

Day6,Chengdu - Leshan - Mt. Emei
Drive to Leshan. You will tour the Grand Buddha and Linyun Temple. The Buddha is 71 meters high, carved into a cliff-face overlooking the confluence of the Dadu and Min Rivers. It qualifies as the largest Buddha in the world. Finish sightseeing at Leshan, before we drive to Emeishan, enjoy the local cuisine dinner - Tofu Banquet. Drive to Mt. Emei. Upon arrival you will visit the Baoguo Temple built in the period of 1573 to 1620 during the Ming Dynasty and the Fuhu Temple, Mt. Emei's largest temple for nuns and first built in the Tang Dynasty.

Day7,Mt. Emei - Chengdu
The scenic Mt. Emei is well-known for the sunrise, seas of cloud, the light of the Buddha and the sacred lantern. View the sunrise at the Golden Summit, take a chairlift to Jieyin Temple and then take a 20-minute walk to Leidongping. Drive to the Wannian Temple (up and down by chairlift), visit the temple. Drive back to Chengdu.

Day8,Chengdu - Hefei - Mt. Jiuhuashan
Fly to Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province. Drive to Mt. Jiuhuashan, one of the four Buddhist mountains in China. It is reputed as "the Fairy City of Buddhist Kingdom". It has attracted thousands of tourists and pilgrims by its splendid Buddhist culture and natural landscape. After lunch, You will visit Huacheng Temple, the first temple of Mt. Jiuhua, Qiyuan Temple, Jiuhua Street and Tonghui Monastery.

Day9,Mt. Jiuhuashan
In the morning go to the Mingyuan scenic area by bus and then go to Tiantai Peak by cable car. Visit the Ancient Doctrine Terrace, Guanyin Peak, Natural Eager Listening to scriptures, Golden Turtle, Tiantai Temple, Fifteen Peaks. When it is clear up, view Mt. Huangshan in the south like the screen and Yangtze River in the north like the line. Then go down the mountain by cable car. Visit the Phoenix Pine known as the first pine of the world, Nunneries in the Mingyuan Scenic area, the Precious Hall of the Bodhisattva Incarnate and Dizang Temple.

Day10,Mt. Jiuhuashan - Hefei - Shanghai
Walk to the Centenarian Palace. You may witness the incarnation of Monk Wuxia, Five-Hundred-Arhats Hall, Dongya Temple. Walk down the mountain and drive to Qingyang County. After lunch, we drive back to Hefei and take a fast train to Shanghai.

Day11,Shanghai - Mt. Putuoshan
Take a fast boat to Mt. Putuoshan. People have given beautiful names to Mt. Putuoshan: Buddhist Paradise on the Sea, Land of Peach Blossoms and Mount of immortals on the Sea. You will visit Puji Temple, the largest temple of the mountain and Fayu Temple.

Day12,Mt. Putuoshan - Shanghai
Today you will visit Fanyin Cave, Purple Bamboo Forest, God of Mercy Cave, and Huiji Temple. Huiji Temple is located on the summit and is very quiet. It has a great influence in the Southeast Asia although it is not big. Take a fast boat back to Shanghai.

After breakfast, you are transferred to airport for your return flight back to your home,End of tour.